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Jungle tier

jungle tier

Jungle Tier List Patch | Best Junglers To Carry Solo Queue Patch Udyr wont be placed for this tier list. Hi everybody! Tarzaned just made a really interesting jungle tier list for the most recent patch. I know what his reputation is, but the video. Nunu [God Tier Jungle ] - Nunu's always been very strong, but this patch he's especially broken with the buff on Cinderhulk. By increasing the.

Jungle tier - have

Nautilus is stacked with strong CC abilities that scale with damage really well, he also happens to have one of if not thee best shield ability's in the game. SEASON 7 - PATCH 7. Contact Terms Privacy About Advertisement Home Elo Boosting Jobs League of Legends Pokemon Go Review Overwatch Refund LoL Tier List LoL Build LoL Guide Login. Orianna [Tier 1 Mid] - Professionals often say that Orianna is one of the safest mid-laners out there and nearly impossible to abuse. Pretty much every meta jungler is aggressive and counterjungles well, Amumu gets thwarted by invades, most of the time it will cripple him entirely. Kennen Olaf Malphite Gragas Camille Trundle Shen Nasus Poppy Galio Kayn. Malzahar [God Tier Mid] - Malzahar as a whole has been extremely powerful ever since his changes in Patch 7.


Tarzaned jungle tier

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